Injuries are reported at an Iraqi military base outside of the capital city after more rockets made contact on Saturday; This attack follows Monday’s events that resulted in the death of one civilian contractor and multiple injuries.

Another military base in Iraq fell victim to rocket fire on Saturday night after Iranian-backed militias fired what is reported to have been at least four rockets in its direction. Initially, there were no reports of injuries or casualties, but one injury was reported hours after the event. The attack occurred at an airbase in Balad, which is located and an hour and a half north of the capital city of Baghdad in the Salahaddin province.

A US defense company called Sallyport Global, which supplies aircraft maintenance for Iraq’s F-16s, is located within the base in Balad and has dozens of workers on site.

Saturday’s attack follows the events that took place on Monday in northern Iraq; namely, Erbil, where one foreign civilian contractor working for the US was killed, and at least six others were wounded. Monday’s attack experienced at least 14 rockets, some of which were reported to be ‘107mm rockets’.

Just hours before what took place on Saturday at the Balad base, Iraqi security forces faced off with ISIS militants in the plains of Tarmiyah, which is located between Baghdad and Balad. Five ISIS militants were killed in addition to two members of the security forces.