Blue & White Party Leader Benny Gantz will have 42 days to try and form a government despite losing in the recent Israeli election; This comes after 61 parliament members gave their approval; Netanyahu only received 58 of the needed 61 seats.

Following a meeting on Sunday that included President Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Blue & White Party Leader Benny Gantz, Rivlin concluded that he would give Gantz 42 days to form a government. This decision comes after Gantz received approval from 61 parliament members compared to Netanyahu’s 58, though Netanyahu won the election in landslide fashion.

Included in the 61 who gave their approval are the seats belonging to the Palestinian faction who played a big role in getting Gantz to the needed 61. You don’t have to read too far in-between the lines to see that there is an agenda in play; an agenda that seeks to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from office no matter the cost.

Prior to the election, Gantz had vowed to his supporters that under no circumstances would he form a government that would support the Arabs – a vow that no longer stands as the only way for him to form a government would be to work with the Arab parties who Netanyahu refers to as “terror sympathizers”. Despite being given the mandate to form a government, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Gantz will become the new Prime Minister.

Netanyahu has strongly argued that it’s best for Israel if he remains prime minister until the CoVid-19 outbreak is resolved. A spokesman for the Likud party stated, “While Prime Minister Netanyahu is handling an unprecedented global and national crisis in the most responsible and measured way. Gantz is rushing to a minority government dependent on … terror supporters instead of joining a national emergency government that will save lives.”