The Islamic Republic of Iran is facing more scrutiny over their reported number of deaths from the coronavirus; A German news outlet has suggested a much higher rate of casualties; Israeli intelligence also believes the authentic numbers are being concealed.

Scrutiny regarding the authenticity of the death report coming out of Iran is continuing to surface as the German newspaper, Die Welt, highlighted more concerns over the weekend. Being cited by The Jerusalem Post, the German newspaper made several arguments as to how the numbers are being hidden from the world.

While Iran is currently reporting over 3,400 deceased, the article from the German newspaper suggests that it is likely well over 10,000. Putting the death rate 4-5 times higher than the official Iranian report, it reads, “The number of corona deaths in Iran is many times higher than the authorities there have previously admitted… the death toll passed the 10,000 mark about 10 days ago when Iran officially reported slightly more than 2,000 deaths.”

One primary argument being presented by Die Welt is that Iran’s chief judge, Ebrahim Raisi, has demanded that numerous deaths be attributed to other illnesses or things like heart failure as a means of altering the numbers. Raisi is also reported to be a potential replacement for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. In addition to the report, Israeli intelligence also believes that Iran is concealing the honest death toll.

The unofficial Iranian Human Rights Monitor (IRAN HRM) has claimed that the number well exceeds 15,000 and likely even 16,000 at this point. While satellite images from March reveal mass graves being prepared near Qom, Iran, IRAN HRM tweeted a video of another large grave being created near Tehran in early April.