Ford Jr. set to visit Israel with business and research delegation; Company scouting for autonomous car tech alongside Argo AI; Meetings with Israeli high tech companies, like Mobileye, scheduled.

Ford Motor Company will reportedly open an innovation center in Israel. The company’s executive chairman, Bill Ford Jr., will visit Israel in June as he scouts high tech within the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous cars, cybersecurity and much more.

He will visit Israel with a business, technology and research delegation that will hold several high profile meetings with Israeli companies on behalf of Ford and partner company Argo AI. Argo AI was founded in 2017 and was given permits in January of this year to test its autonomous cars in California. They were recently backed by Ford with over $1 billion, Ford announcing it would invest over $4 billion in autonomous car research around the globe.

Ford Jr. is set to meet with Israeli companies like Mobileye, which was purchased by Intel Corp in January of this year. Mobileye and Intel have been working together since 2016 and Intel currently employs over 10,000 in its Israel branches. Intel Corp confirmed it would invest over $10 billion in a new chip-making factory in Israel.

Germany’s BMW also recently opened an R&D center in Israel to test autonomous vehicles and has been testing Mobileye’s technologies on its new vehicles.

Ford owns and operates SAIPS AC Ltd., a research center specializing in “customized algorithmic solutions in the fields of computer vision and machine learning.” Israel has become a leader in high tech industries, specifically in cybersecurity and autonomous cars.

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Photo: JuliusKielaitis/