In a major move to reopen the country for international travel, the Israeli government has elected to drop another COVID-related hurdle; The pre-flight COVID test will no longer be required beginning Saturday, May 21st.

As the Jewish state continues to reopen its borders to the international community, the Israeli government has chosen to drop another longstanding travel hindrance. As announced on Monday, international travelers will no longer need to provide a negative pre-flight COVID test in order to board a plane to Israel.

The announcement by Israel’s Health Ministry follows its other recent decision to drop the COVID test upon arrival. This means that all applicable international travelers to Israel no longer need to provide any test results before boarding the plane or upon landing in Tel Aviv. This includes both antigen and PCR tests.

Depending on the country a traveler is returning to, a negative pre-flight COVID test may still be required before departure from Israel.

All travelers will still be required to fill out Israel’s pre-arrival form 48 hours before their flight.