As the Yemeni Civil War rages on, Arab coalition strikes continue to shift the momentum; Tens of thousands of Houthi Rebel forces are believed to have been killed in the last several months via airstrikes as they wage war on one of the last strongholds of the internationally-recognized government.

Saudi coalition strikes throughout Yemen have continued to prove to be a gamechanger in recent time, as newly-surfaced reports reveal that several dozen Iranian-sponsored fighters were killed in just a 24-hour period. According to at least one source, a minimum of 65 fighters were killed during 29 missions recently in western Yemen.

Since June, nearly 15,000 fighters have been killed. According to one source, “The air strikes launched by the Saudi-led military coalition and the battles have killed nearly 14,700 Houthis since mid-June near Marib.”

The recent series of strikes also hit an undercover location consisting of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fighters and Tehran’s other proxy, Hezbollah, which has a strong presence north of Israel. Furthermore, coalition airstrikes also hit an airbase and military warehouses.

The Yemeni Civil War maintains its status as the world’s number one humanitarian disaster.