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Is China facing financial crisis due to their ships not being unloaded worldwide? (8:55)


Is there any indication as to how many Gentiles will come out of the tribulation since we know that 1/3 of the Jews will survive? (18:22)


Does the Turkish lira declining fit into end-time prophecy? (24:34)


Do you think the back up of ships at ports in the US waiting to unload is a planned obstruction? (33:20)


If the antichrist is said to be descendant of the Roman empire, does that not mean he could actually be an American, as many Europeans came to America? (36:58)


Can a believer die during the Millennium? (43:30)


Scripture says we will see Him as a Lamb that was slain, will Jesus’s face be disfigured from what they did to Him? (46:35)


What do you think will be our new world currency? Bitcoin? (48:55)


What relevance to the Feasts or Festivals have for today’s believer? (55:10)


It says about the AntiChrist that he will “think to change the times and the law” according to Daniel 7:25. What do you think that means? (58:13)