Another Israeli-owned vessel was struck on Tuesday near the United Arab Emirates (UAE); The ship of interest is connected to an Israeli company called Ray Shipping LTD, the same company that owns the vessel that the Iranians targeted in February.

The Hyperion Ray – a cargo ship belonging to the same Israeli company as the MV Helios Ray, which was attacked in February – was targeted on Tuesday, not far from the UAE. Reports suggest a projectile of some sort hit the ship in the region of Fujairah. At least some initial reports from the region claim it was an Iranian missile that hit the Bahamian-flagged ship connected to Israel’s Ray Shipping LTD.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, a representative of the vessel’s owners stated, “Hyperion Ray incurred no damages and is continuing at full speed on its original voyage.”

Following the attack on the Iranian ship in the Red Sea just days ago, which amounted to significant damage, the Iranians vowed immediate revenge following the completion of their investigation.

Iran and Israel have now exchanged maritime vessel attacks on multiple occasions, though Iran has denied involvement in at least one case, and the Israelis have not commented.