Marking the third attack in just four days, Iranian-backed militias fired more rockets at a UAE-owned oil field inside Iraq; One rocket reportedly hit a housing area.

In what was the third rocket attack on Emirati oil interests to occur in Iraq in four days, a housing complex located near an oil field owned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was hit on Saturday. A total of six rockets were fired in the direction of the Emirati oil company, Dana. The event took place at the Khor Mor oil field.

Despite multiple attacks over the last few days, there have been no casualties or injuries at this site.

As has been the case in numerous rocket attacks inside Iraq over the last several months, Iranian-sponsored militias in the region are undoubtedly responsible as Tehran seeks to push the US and its allies out of the area. Iran has targeted Emirati interests in particular due to the UAE’s growing ties with Israel and the west.