US President Donald Trump denounces the antisemitism of the Iranian regime before the United Nations; Iranian aggression and hostile words toward Israel continue to escalate; Trump calls on the world to keep pressure on Iran until they end their regime of antisemitic terror; Trump: America will never tolerate such antisemitic hate.

In addressing the United Nations, US President Donald Trump covered a wide range of topics, but one that he was sure to emphasize is the ongoing, antisemitic rhetoric of the Iranian regime.

Iran has not only been ramping up their aggression in recent weeks, but also voicing their confidence when it comes to the eradication of the Jewish state as a whole. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami recently stated, “This sinister regime must be wiped off the map and this is no longer … a dream but it is an achievable goal… Iran has encircled Israel from all four sides. Nothing will be left of Israel.”

Trump stated to the UN, “Last year, the country’s supreme leader said that Israel was a ‘malignant cancerous tumor that has to be removed and eradicated. It is possible and it will happen,’”. He also added, “For 40 years, the world has listened to Iran’s rulers as they lash out at everyone else for the problems they alone have created,”.

Additionally, Trump said, “America will never tolerate such antisemitic hate…Fanatics have long used hatred of Israel to distract from their own failures. Thankfully, there is a growing recognition in the wider Middle East that the countries of the region share a common interest in battling extremism and unleashing economic opportunity.” Unfortunately, Iran will never sing to the same tune of this song. This hatred of Israel is demonic at its core.

While America has strong leadership, there is a buffer in place to hold the Iranian regime of terror accountable, but a day is coming when America will not be in a place to intervene-but that’s just it, God Himself will intervene for His chosen people of promise.

Israel has always been the beacon of peace in the Middle East. They have never sought a war. When they attack, it’s either preemptive or responsive. Ironically, when the Lord intervenes and demolishes these invading nations, including Iran, they’re going to demand peace with Israel.