Neither candidate is able to form a majority government in the Knesset; President Rivlin invites both candidates to his residence to begin the discussion of a unity government; Rivlin has until October 2, 2019, to make a decision as to who he will choose to form a government; Netanyahu: the only government that can be formed is a broad unity government.

In the wake of the recent Israeli election, with neither party being able to obtain a majority in the Knesset, President Rivlin invited both Gantz and Netanyahu to his residence in order to begin the process of choosing a candidate to form a unified government. Netanyahu later said, “the only government that can be formed is a broad unity government… Let’s put things of the table: We wanted to form a right-wing government. Unfortunately, this was not possible because we were not given enough seats to do so. Gantz wanted to form a government from the other side. He did not receive enough seats to do so either. Therefore, the only government that can be formed is a broad unity government between us. The only way to reach such a government is to sit down and talk… If we speak with an open mind and heart, we can form a good and broad government for Israel. This is what the people expect of us.”

The common thread that seems to be running throughout the entire conclusion process of this election is, with the exception of the Likud party, all other parties agree on one thing-Netanyahu cannot continue as the Prime Minister of Israel.

President Rivlin is required to make his decision as to who will be responsible for forming a government by October 2nd, 2019. A couple of things would have to happen for a historic third election to take place; the first candidate would have to fail, as well as the second.

Interestingly enough, Rivlin has reportedly presented an option for the two candidates that would allow them to rotate their authority. The three individuals are set to meet again on Wednesday.