Concerns of a coming military conflict between Iran and the United States are growing after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened to close the embassy in Baghdad and withdraw US diplomats.

Often, when a nation removes its diplomats from a foreign country, tensions are already on the rise with the potential for a military confrontation on the horizon. Such is the case with what’s taking place in Iraq. Despite the US backing the newly-elected Iraqi prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Iranian-backed forces still have a strong influence inside Iraq’s borders. Therefore, the conflict is between the US and Iran on Iraqi soil.

According to reports within the last 48 hours, the US is making preparations to withdraw certain diplomats after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened to close the embassy in Baghdad.

There have been countless instances wherein Iranian-sponsored fighters shoot rockets at the US embassy from across the Tigris River and other locations. Iraqi officials are concerned that a US military response is pending. And as first reported by Reuters, the US State Department said, “We never comment on the Secretary’s private diplomatic conversations with foreign leaders … Iran-backed groups launching rockets at our Embassy are a danger not only to us but to the Government of Iraq.”

Whether or not the US does close its embassy in Baghdad, the Iranian regime is further being isolated. It’s due to their hostility that things have escalated to where they are now, both inside and outside of Iraq. Furthermore, their aggression is likely to continue growing as much of the Arab world reconsiders its relationship with Israel.