The aircraft(s) involved remain unidentified at this time following the strike that took place near the border of Iraq and Syria.

Reports came in of a suspected Israeli strike in eastern Syria during the daytime on Thursday, though the aircraft(s) are currently designated as ‘unidentified’. The strike is reported to have targeted Iranian supplies making their way into Syria near the area of Al-Qaim, which is located just south of Al-Bukamal – a frequent hotspot for Israeli strikes.

As the Iranian regime persistently pursues a land bridge to the Mediterranean Coast via its proxies in the region, leading to increasing Iranian entrenchment inside Syria, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has repeatedly carried out strikes in this region. However, what makes this particular attack different is that it was carried out in the daytime.

In this case, it’s believed the Iranians were moving a shipment of supplies or weapons of high value requiring immediate action. Furthermore, a senior member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was killed after his military vehicle was targeted in a daytime strike as well. It is unknown if these events occurred at the same time.

Should it be confirmed that the IDF was in fact responsible for this strike, it would follow the weekly attacks that have been taking place for nearly two months.