US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to visit Israel next week when the new government is to be sworn in; This will be his first visit since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic; Iran is also reported to be a topic of discussion.

For the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will head to Israel next week to be present as their new government is sworn in. The new Israeli government will be headed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first 18 months, with Blue & White Party leader Benny Gantz taking over when Netanyahu’s time concludes.

While meeting with the Israeli leaders in the context of their new government, one official hinted that Iran will also be an item of discussion. The official would add, “The United States and Israel will face threats to the security and prosperity of our peoples together. In challenging times, we stand by our friends, and our friends stand by us.”

You would think that the current pandemic would be at least a temporary deterrent for the Iranian regime of terror, but sadly, it’s been anything but that. In fact, they’ve increased their activity in Syria, which has led to seven Israeli strikes in the last five weeks.

David Schenker, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, added to the summary of Pompeo’s pending visit, stating, “The Secretary is making this trip because he recognizes the United States and Israel have much to learn from each other as we address current threats, whether those threats stem from a global pandemic or from Iran’s malign regional influence.”

Also rumored to be part of the discussion is the coming annexation of the West Bank, something that could happen in the next couple of months.