As Israel’s ongoing military conflict with Hamas approaches a ceasefire, the prime minister revealed that the Jewish state has not only dealt with additional attacks from Lebanon and Syria, but also Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed on Tuesday that Israel had shot down an armed drone near its border with Jordan. However, in what is a very telling revelation, it was also revealed that the drone was of Iranian origin. While the attacks towards Israel in the last two weeks have largely come from Gaza, as well as a few minor attempts from Lebanon and Syria, it has been suspected the Iran is heavily involved behind the scenes.

The Islamic Republic is the world’s number one sponsor of terror, equipped with proxies throughout the Middle East in places like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and Yemen. Netanyahu stressed his belief that while Israel is fighting in multiple directions, Iran is behind all of them.

Netanyahu stated, “While we were engaged in these hostilities a few days ago, Iran sent an armed drone from Iraq or from Syria. Iranian forces launched an armed drone, which our forces intercepted on the border between Israel and Jordan.”

Reminding his audience of who is the culprit of terror in the Middle East, Netanyahu said, “I think this says everything on the true patron of terror in the Middle East and in the world: Iran.”

He also said, “Iran not only supports completely the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and gives them all the finance, they also give weapons to Hamas as well as to Hezbollah, and they provide the scaffolding on which these organizations really work.”

According to the report by The Jerusalem Post, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) gathered what was left of the drone after shooting it down to begin further research.