As Israel exceeds 9,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, a Passover curfew is being implemented as well as transportation restrictions; Majority of citizens will be required to wear masks beginning next week.

On Tuesday, the Israeli government released their plans for a new set of public guidelines and travel restrictions. As of Tuesday, no one is allowed to leave their home unless it is for essential items such as gas, groceries, medicine, etc. This policy will remain until Friday morning. Traffic will be restricted beginning Tuesday evening until Friday evening. Additionally, there will be no public transportation as of Tuesday; a policy that is expected to change on Sunday.

Furthermore, as the Jewish State continues to combat COVID-19, any individual in public exceeding the age of 6 will be required to wear a medical mask beginning Sunday, April 12.

Cases are continuing to rise in Israel as over 9,000 are confirmed, which is up 2,000 in the last week. That being said, Israel has suffered nearly 60 deaths (not even 1%) from the virus with over 150 in serious condition.

Several local industries are doing their part in the battle against the coronavirus, such as Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) who is working with the Defense Ministry and Inovytec to produce medical ventilators instead of missiles for the time being.

In addition to local businesses and major companies working together in Israel to get through this pandemic, members of the Israeli Army are serving in high-caution, ultra-orthodox Jewish communities. At least one source says that they’re delivering food baskets with a note enclosed that reads:

Isaiah 41:6
“Everyone helped his neighbor, and said to his brother, be of good courage!”