A Palestinian news outlet, Al Hayat Al Jadida, refers to Israeli policy as a more dangerous virus than COVID-19; The same outlet also accused the Jewish State of deliberately spreading the coronavirus throughout Palestinian territories.

Earlier this week, Al Hayat Al Jadida, a Palestinian news outlet, referred to Israeli policy as something that that is more dangerous than ‘any of nature’s viruses.’ The news piece reads, “Just as we will overcome the coronavirus, we will certainly overcome the occupation’s viruses that are more dangerous than all of nature’s viruses.”

Interestingly enough, the article failed to mention all that Israel has been doing to help the Palestinians fight the virus. Nan Jacques Zilberdik, a senior analyst for the Palestinian Media Watchdog (PMW) released a statement saying, “For weeks, PA media has been immersed in the coronavirus story, including occasional demonization of Israel – without mentioning Israel’s efforts in helping the PA… Finally, yesterday, the PA government spokesman informed Palestinians of the vast cooperation between Israel and the PA in fighting corona, including having established a joint situation room to deal with this pandemic.

Reports indicate that the two states have been working together for weeks in order to combat the virus. In fact, according to a recent study in Israel that was conducted by the Truman Institute for Peace at the Hebrew University, an estimated 63% of Israeli citizens believe it best to give aid to the Palestinians during this time.