Two explosions erupted in the capital city of Beirut on Tuesday evening; Early reports suggested a fireworks warehouse, though newly surfaced information reveals otherwise; Israel has informed Lebanese officials that they had no involvement and even offered aid.

Despite the hostility and uncertainty of several countries throughout the Middle East, it’s always a shock when something happens like what took place in Lebanon on Tuesday. The capital city of Beirut was hammered with two unprecedented explosions that occurred at the port, leaving over 100 people dead and thousands more injured with the death toll expected to rise. Hospitals are reported to be overrun as the city seeks to recover. This port facilitates 80% of Lebanon’s imports and will not be functioning for the foreseeable future.

Initial reports claimed that the facility was simply a fireworks storage facility. While a fireworks facility was involved, it didn’t take long for more information to surface. More specifically, the facility(s) involved were explosive storehouses for the Iranian-back terror regime, Hezbollah. This actually follows suit with other Hezbollah patterns, wherein they conduct their business in heavily-populated civilian areas, using them as a shield.

Furthermore, one of the explosions was caught on camera from several angles, casting away any doubt that a significant volume of explosive weaponry (ammonium nitrate) was involved as a large mushroom cloud could be viewed over the skyline of the country. Efforts to extinguish both of the fires left from the explosions – which occurred a couple of hundred meters from each other – were underway throughout the evening. A large portion of the city is reported to be destroyed.

Israel was swift to contact Lebanese officials to confirm that Israel had zero involvement in what took place and even offered several forms of aid to their northern neighbor. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tweeted, “Under the guidance of the @Israel_MOD and @IsraelIMFA, Israel has offered to send humanitarian & medical assistance to Lebanon via security and international channels. This is the time to transcend conflict.” It’s important to understand that the hostility that exists between the two countries is due to the presence of Hezbollah.

Several other countries have reached out to offer their condolences.

While there was a significant amount of explosive weaponry involved, it has also been discovered that rocket fuel was involved. This is critical information because it reveals that whatever was going on in this facility, the production of precision-guided missiles was part of it.

Though recovery is the priority of the Lebanese people, investigations are underway to find the true source of the explosions. There are so many unknowns to be resolved. Was it an accident from someone inside? Was it sabotage? Was it a foreign hack?