Over 40 world leaders or their officials have gathered in Jerusalem, Israel, in recognition of the 75th anniversary for the liberation from Auschwitz; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: There will not be another Holocaust.

As world leaders and/or their representatives from over 40 different countries met in Jerusalem on Thursday to recognize the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Auschwitz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not hold back regarding Israel’s most significant modern-day threat in the world, Iran. Leaders such as United States Vice President Mike Pence, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron, and many others took part in this significant milestone.

Auschwitz is perhaps the most notorious concentration camp that was run by Nazi Germany inside of Poland (occupied by the Nazis) during World War II and the Holocaust. It is estimated that well over one million Jews were murdered at Auschwitz alone, with approximately six million Jews being murdered during World War II. The event recognizing the 75th anniversary took place at the Holocaust memorial center, Yad Vashem.

In his significant address, PM Benjamin Netanyahu was blunt on Iran, calling on all nations of the world to unite against Iran’s anti-Semitic regime of terror; a regime that vows time and time again to wipe the Jewish State off the face of the earth. Netanyahu stated, on behalf of Israel, that “We have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most anti-Semitic regime on the planet.”, vowing that “There will not be another holocaust.” As he has several times, Netanyahu also stated, “I call on all governments to join efforts in confronting Iran. Israel will do whatever it must do to defend its people and the Jewish future.” He would then thank the United States for its hard stance on Iran over the last few years, working with Israel to do what is necessary to hold the Iranian regime accountable, both economically and militarily.

United States Vice President Mike Pence would visit the Western Wall during his visit as well. Something that President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have both done.