After airports in Nigeria and throughout the region closed, multiple Israelis were unable to return home until now; The Israeli embassy in Nigeria managed to organize travel for 206 Israelis to finally return home today.

206 Israelis were finally able to return home on Sunday from Nigeria after being held there amid the closure of all of their airports in the region. The Israeli embassy in Nigeria organized their flight home that included Israelis that were stuck in Nigeria and surrounding countries.

This Israeli rescue flight was the first direct flight from Nigeria to Israel as diplomatic relations have been drastically improving over the last several months between the two countries.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz praised the news, calling it “another successful operation by Israeli envoys around the world, who succeed in bringing home Israeli civilians during the coronavirus crisis. We will do everything we can to bring back any Israeli who wants to return home.”

This follows other Israeli rescue flights from parts of the world such as Central & South America.