Dating back to just December 2019, Tel Aviv University’s online cybersecurity training course reaches the number one spot in the world; Over 150 countries around the globe utilize their program.

‘Unlocking Information Security’ – This is the title of Tel Aviv University’s online cybersecurity training program that is making waves around the world. Founded in December 2019, the program is being used by over 150 countries. Responsible for this ranking is the Class Central website; an organization that conducts reviews of online programs throughout the planet.

According to the program’s website, the student will learn:

– The main concepts and technologies in the field of Information Security
– A vast array of design, implementation and operational vulnerabilities
– The principles of secure computer systems
– Ways to take part in the design and implementation of secure computer systems
– How to identify situations that should involve information security considerations and make informed decisions about them

Quickly surpassing other programs put out by prestigious universities in the United States, such as Princeton and Stanford, Dan Gittik and Professor Avishai Wool’s program took the number one ranking in the world in just six months. This was accomplished with the help of a Tel Aviv-based company known as Check Point, which specializes in cybersecurity solutions.

Director of TAU Online, the Center for Educational Innovation at Tel Aviv University, Yuval Shraibman, stated, “Students around the world are looking for the most current and relevant courses. To our great joy, Israel is considered a leading power in the field of cybersecurity, and this new course, therefore, attracts many young people who want to train in information security.”