An oil pipeline exploded in the Khuzestan Province of Iran on Saturday; The source remains unknown.

Next, in what seems to be an indefinite series of events, western Iran experienced a large explosion on an oil pipeline Saturday. The explosion took place in the town of Ahwaz, which is located in the Khuzestan Province. The source remains unknown at this time.

With explosions happening on seemingly a daily basis, Iran has put their air defense systems on high-alert in the last week. The last time the Islamic Republic made such a decision, they mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner, killing everyone in the plane, which was nearly 200. Warnings are reported to have now been issued to refrain from flying over Iran for the foreseeable future.

The regime of Iran’s ayatollahs is facing serious frustration as these events continue to unfold as they’re left without answers to so many questions. Additionally, there is the constant pressure and stress of not knowing when or where the next explosion and/or fire will take place.