The devastating explosion that rocked the capital city of Lebanon last month has been followed by a serious fire in the Port; No casualties are reported as of yet and the source remains unknown.

Following last month’s unprecedented explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, another fire broke out in the Port of Beirut on Thursday. Consequently, this is of major concern given that last month’s explosion was initiated by a preliminary fire in a warehouse in the Port. Current reports suggest that Thursday’s fire began in an oil warehouse where workers could be seen fleeing the area. As of this evening local time, the fire was brought under control.

Thankfully, no injuries or casualties have been reported.

The explosion from last month left over 300,000 people homeless and killed approximately 200 people. Additionally, thousands more were injured. From the political crisis to the absolutely devastated economy, and now another physical obstacle, Lebanon has a very long road to recovery ahead.

The precise source of the fire remains unknown at this time. However, an investigation is underway.