The President signed this new act into law on Friday; The NAEA allows for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to produce educational material on the Holocaust and provide resources for schools.

On Friday, United States President Donald Trump signed a new Act into law that will promote further education on the notorious Jewish Holocaust. Named after the common Jewish saying, ‘Never again’ (in reference to the Holocaust), the new Act is called the Never Again Education Act.

The focus of this new Act is to encourage and promote education on the history of the Holocaust and Jewish people. Signing it into law, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum can now produce educational material for various schools and teaching departments.

Newly arrived White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated, “This legislation will help ensure that future generations know and remember the tragic history of the Holocaust, reflect accurately on how evil and intolerance briefly overcame humanity, and how the strong march of American-led freedom across Europe ended the genocide of the Jewish people.”

She would add, “Consistent with this bill’s name, the United States will not stand for the mass persecution and mass murder like that perpetrated during the Holocaust. This Administration will always work to ensure future generations never forget the Holocaust, that they condemn racial hatred of all types, and that they always work to protect the right of all people to worship freely.”

From 2020 to 2024, $2 million will be allocated to the USHMM annually to assist in promoting these materials.