PM expected to announce diplomatic ties with Chad; Netanyahu: There will be more major news. There will be more countries.


Prime Minister Netanyahu is en route to Chad Sunday morning where he is expected to officially announce diplomatic ties with the African state.

Before departing, the prime minister gave the following statement, “I am now leaving on another historic and important breakthrough, to Chad, a huge Muslim country bordering Libya and Sudan. This is part of the revolution that we are doing in the Arab and Islamic worlds; I promised you that this would happen. There will be more major news. There will be more countries.” He added “This is very disturbing and even causes outrage in Iran and among the Palestinians who are trying to prevent this. They will not succeed.”

Netanyahu will meet with President Idriss Déby in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena, as well as with Chadian officials.

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with the President Déby in December 2018 in the historic first visit by an official from Chad to the State of Israel. The meeting was also significant as Chad is a majority Muslim country. Their meeting centered on establishing diplomatic ties, counter-terrorism and cooperation in numerous fields.

Last month, Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s growing stance in the Arab world and with African states. Referring to President Déby’s visit to Israel and his visit to Oman in November, he stated “we are in a process of normalization with the Arab world without progress in the diplomatic process with the Palestinians…. The Arab states are looking for links with the strong. Cultivating strengths gives us diplomatic power. It is more likely that it will work in reverse. Links with the Arab world will bring normalization and create the conditions for developing links with the Palestinians.”



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