PM confirms meetings with Trump, Putin, Merkel and other world leaders; In press conference, Netanyahu spoke on the history of Zionism and World War I; Netanyahu: I think that there is no better evidence of the State of Israel’s standing in the world than the way we were accepted in this event.


Prime Minister Netanyahu met with world leaders during the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of World War I Armistice in Paris on Sunday.

Netanyahu confirmed he met with President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The prime minister cut his visit to Paris early following the IDF’s mission in Gaza Strip and death of an elite IDF officer on Sunday night.

On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke briefly at a press conference, touching on the history of Zionism and Israel’s standing in the global community. On the end of World War I and evolution of Israel-based Zionism, Netanyahu stated “The end of World War I was also a turning point in the history of Zionism for two reasons- first of all the breaking of hundreds of years of Ottoman rule in Palestine and inauguration of the British Mandate, which will enabled the establishment of the Jewish state.” He added “the hundreds of thousands of Jews [who] fought in the armies in this war prepared the seeds of a Jewish fighting force.”

On Israel’s standing globally, Netanyahu stated “I think that there is no better evidence of the State of Israel’s standing in the world than the way we were accepted in this event, from the place we received, literally, in the first line of countries. I see this as a great compliment to the State of Israel and its achievements.” He highlighted nations’ desires “to strengthen the political, economic, technological and security ties with the State of Israel”.

He added “But what was very interesting was a number of African leaders who spoke about the importance of cooperation with Israel and the way it could of course help their countries. I heard this from countries in Eastern Europe, Western European countries, African countries, Latin America, leaders who came and spoke without question that Israel is a rising force in the world. If someone needed proof, I would say – come to Paris.”

Netanyahu has centered his efforts on improving Israel’s relations with African, Asian and European nations. He has spent the last few years extensively traveling to meet with world leaders and increase bilateral ties, cooperation and relations.

The prime minister confirmed he met with both Trump and Putin on Sunday, stating “I spoke to many leaders, of course with President Trump and with President Putin. I think these things are important to the State of Israel and to our national interests.” When asked about his meeting with Putin by journalists, Netanyahu stated “The conversation with President Putin was good and ‎businesslike. I would even describe it as very ‎important.”



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