The Israeli prime minister will be traveling to the Gulf region next week for a long-awaited meeting with the crown prince; Speculation is that Iran will be one of the main topics of the discussion amid what’s on the horizon concerning the Islamic Republic and the United States.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to travel to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), next week to visit with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. The visit has been long in the works but was postponed multiple times due to circumstances related to the coronavirus. PM Netanyahu revealed that he actually had to shorten the visit from three days to three hours, cancelling his visits to Dubai and Bahrain.

This is believed to be a critical time for this meeting to take place considering that Israel’s elections will be taking place next month. However, it’s expected that Iran will be one of the primary items of discussion between the two leaders.

With the Biden administration taking over and pursuing a path to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, the Iranian regime has become significantly more emboldened in recent weeks. The regime has also made several threats to the UAE after its decision to normalize its diplomatic ties with Israel.

A healthy, unified relationship between the two countries will become all the more important in a world with growing Iranian aggression and an apathetic United States.