PM in Brazil, met with Bolsonaro on bilateral ties and cooperation; Netanyahu will attend inauguration alongside world leaders; PM to meet with Pompeo on Iran and Syria Tuesday.


Prime Minister Netanyahu made history as the first Israeli Prime Minister to visit Brazil this weekend.

Netanyahu arrived in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend for meetings with President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, as well as to attend his inauguration on Tuesday. Shortly after his arrival, Netanyahu was awarded a national award for high-ranking guests and officials. The award was previously granted to former US President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II.

Both Netanyahu and Bolsonaro gave a press conference on Friday, the Brazilian President-elect referring to relations with Israel and the prime minister as, “More than partners, we will be brothers in the future, in economy, technology, all that can bring benefit to our two countries.”

Speaking to the press, Netanyahu echoed Bolsonaro, stating on their meeting, “President Bolsonaro said that this is not just a friendship or an alliance of interests, but also an alliance of brothers. There is much in this because we are facing a new world in which people can achieve amazing things. With cooperation and brotherhood it is possible to achieve things that cannot be imagined. We agreed between us on the way to take this cooperation to new heights.”

He spoke of Jewish history and Jerusalem, referring to Biblical prophecies, stating, “We have returned to Jerusalem and – like in the Biblical prophecies – we rebuilt Zion. We overcame many enemies. We gathered in our exiles and we rebuilt our land. We built a strong military, among the strongest in the world. We built an economy that is among the strongest in the world. We built industry, science, culture and now we are building with our friends around the world. ‘For Israel is not widowed.’”

On the future of bilateral relations and cooperation, Netanyahu announced “We want to be your partners in this effort, we think our cooperation can give both our people tremendous benefits – in the economy, employment, security, agriculture, water, industry, in every domain of human endeavor.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who will also attend Bolsonaro’s inauguration in Brasilia. Their meeting will center on Iran and Syria.

Bolsonaro is expected to visit Israel in March, where he is likely to announce Brazil’s embassy relocation to Jerusalem.



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