PM calls on EU states to resume sanctions on Iran; US and Israel condemn Iran, claim its been violating deal the entire time; Netanyahu announces he will provide proof Iran violating deal since day one; Zarif: Seriously?

Prime Minister Netanyahu called on the European Union to uphold its commitment and resume sanctions on Iran after it violated the nuclear deal on Monday.

Addressing Iran’s “significant step [towards] producing nuclear weapons” after it announced it surpassed its “explicit commitment” to not pass the permitted 300 kg. of enriched uranium on Monday, Netanyahu referred to Israel’s previous exposure of Iran’s nuclear archives in April of last year. On this, he stated, “When we exposed the secret Iranian nuclear archive, we proved that any nuclear agreement with Iran is built on one big lie. Now even Iran acknowledges this,” adding he will soon reveal “additional proof that Iran has been lying this whole time.”

The prime minister reiterated, “Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons” and called on European signatories to “Uphold your commitment. You committed to acting the moment Iran violated the nuclear agreement. You committed to imposing the automatic sanctions set out by the Security Council. I say to you: Do it. Just do it.”

The White House on Monday echoed Prime Minister Netanyahu and its commitment not to allow Iran to attain nuclear arms. A spokesman from the White House released the following statement “The Iranian regime took action today to increase its uranium enrichment. It was a mistake under the Iran nuclear deal to allow Iran to enrich uranium at any level. There is little doubt that even before the deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms. We must restore the longstanding nonproliferation standard of no enrichment for Iran. The United States and its allies will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.”

It warned it would place “maximum pressure on the Iranian regime… until its leaders alter their course of action,” calling on the regime to “end its nuclear ambitions and its malign behavior.” When asked by the press if he had anything to say to Iran on Monday, President Trump responded, “No message to Iran. They know what they’re doing. They know what they’re playing with, and I think they’re playing with fire. So, no message to Iran whatsoever.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, took to Twitter to criticize the United States’ claim that Iran has been violating the deal since its existence. He published the White House’s press release and wrote “Seriously?”.

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