Benjamin Netanyahu given the chance to form his sixth government by President Rivlin; Rivlin: Netanyahu had the best chance to form a government; Deadline for finalized government is October 24.

After Gantz and Netanyahu met with President Rivlin earlier this week, with neither side conceding, Netanyahu has been given the go-ahead to begin forming a record sixth government.  As to why Rivlin chose Netanyahu, he stated, “Netanyahu had the best chance to form a government.”  Netanyahu also acquired 55 recommendations while Gantz only received 54.

One thing is certain-no one wants a third election.  While Netanyahu has been given this opportunity that is set to expire on October 24, the odds are not in his favor.  Convincing the other parties to side with him is a challenge under normal circumstances.  Today, they all have one condition when it comes to forming a government-Benjamin Netanyahu cannot be the prime minister.

In Gantz’ rejection of Netanyahu, he stated that he would not, “sit in a government whose leader was facing a severe indictment.”

In case you didn’t know, like America, Israel has a deep state, and just like America currently, they’re working overtime to associate their leader with a crime he’s not guilty of.