As expected, President Reuven Rivlin gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the mandate to form a government on Tuesday; Netanyahu will have 28 days to meet the deadline.

On Tuesday morning, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin assigned the mandate to form a government to the candidate who currently has the best chances of doing so – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The PM received the majority of recommendations from MKs (Members of the Knesset) as of Monday, which ultimately led to the decision to give him the mandate.

Israel’s political deadlock over the last couple of years has created a lot of tension. Even though one candidate now has the opportunity to form a government again, President Rivlin voiced his lack of confidence in any candidate successfully completing that task. This scenario is what has led to four elections in less than two years.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, Rivlin stated on Tuesday, “I am under the impression that none of the candidates has a chance to form a coalition.” Such a statement stems from the fact that while Netanyahu may have the most recommendations from the Knesset, his opponents are using his trial against him. Furthermore, at least some of the critical MKs that the PM will need to form a government have said they will not give their approval.

Netanyahu has the next 28 days to reach the 61-seat majority needed to form a government.