Knesset committee to review bill and draft to be submitted for first reading in coming months; Death penalty would be easier to give to terrorists who have killed IDF soldiers; Netanyahu: Occupation is nonsense.


Prime Minister Netanyahu advanced a bill that would make it easier to sentence terrorists who kill IDF soldiers to death.

The proposal was submitted by the Israel Beitenu party through Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. The bill would amend Israel’s current death penalty law that requires an unanimous decision by three judges to exert the death penalty. Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) committee will review the bill before it is drafted and submitted for its first reading.

While Israel does have the death penalty, it was only given once to Adolf Eichman who was hanged in 1962.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also denounced the Palestinian’s claims of occupation. He stated during a meeting of the Likud party on Sunday, “Occupation’ is nonsense. There are countries that have conquered and replaced entire populations and the world keeps silent. Strength is the key and it makes all the difference in our policy towards the Arab world.”



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