Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warns of military confrontation with Hamas in Gaza; Netanyahu: It looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide scale campaign in Gaza; Netanyahu to fly to Moscow to review the Syrian conflict; Netanyahu: This trip aims to continue this important coordination that prevents our collision with the Russian forces.

Before boarding his plane and heading to Moscow, PM Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the ongoing conflict Israel is facing with Hamas. Hamas is the terror organization that runs the show within Gaza, and they’re one of several Iranian proxies in the Middle East.

Netanyahu told the media, “It looks like there will be no other choice but to embark on a wide scale campaign in Gaza… There probably won’t be a choice but to topple the Hamas regime. Hamas doesn’t exert its sovereignty in the Strip and doesn’t prevent attacks. We have a situation in which a terror group that launches rockets has taken over, and doesn’t rein in rogue factions even when it wants to.”

This announcement comes after a series of attacks throughout the week coming from Gaza. Netanyahu was escorted off stage during a campaign rally on Tuesday after rockets were fired into the nearby area of Ashdod. Additionally, on Wednesday, alarms were set off in the region of Ashkelon after more rockets were fired. While Netanyahu is warning of a military confrontation with Hamas, he remains firm in his stance that it won’t happen until all preparations are in place.

The Prime Minister is making his way to Moscow in an attempt to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meeting comes in the wake of the ongoing activity in Syria. With Russian forces siding with the military of Bashar Al-Asaad, PM Netanyahu wants to make clear that his only involvement in Syria is the confrontation of the Iranian regime. Syria is the primary highway for Iran to equip and fund all of their proxies that surround Israel.

Netanyahu stated, “This is a very important trip. We are currently operating in several arenas, at 360 degrees, to ensure Israel’s security, in the face of attempts by Iran and its proxies to attack us… This trip aims to continue this important coordination that prevents our collision with the Russian forces.” He emphasized that the endgame is to force Iran out of Syria.

The timing is interesting, as Moscow opposed Netanyahu’s announcement earlier this week to annex the Jordan Valley. Russia claims to be hoping for peace between Israel and her neighbors, and they believe his announcement is completely antithetical to this goal.

What Should We Expect?

Whether it’s currently in the mind of their leader(s) or not, a day is coming when Russia, likely for economic purposes will completely turn on Israel and seek to invade their land accompanied by Iran and Turkey. It’s worth noting that PM Netanyahu believes the relationship between Iran and Russia is only getting worse. However, Russia is currently committed to backing Iran in the event of any major Middle East “conflict”. Whether their relationship is strengthening or weakening, when a country’s economy is collapsing, they’ll make desperate sacrifices. Perhaps both of them, Iran and Russia, will have crumbling economies (which they currently do), which is common ground and an excuse for them to invade? One thing is for sure-when the appointed time has arrived, God will put hooks into the jaw of the leader of Russia.

“I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them splendidly attired, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them wielding swords.”
Ezekiel 38:4