At least 12 people died during the chlorine gas explosion that took place on Monday; In addition to those killed, over 200 people were injured; The incident occurred after a shipment container fell, releasing a mass amount of chlorine gas into the immediate area.

No less than a dozen people were killed in Jordan after a shipping container holding chlorine gas dropped from the wench, breaking open on the deck of a ship on Monday. One report indicated that 13 people were killed. In addition to the casualties, more than 250 people were injured, many of which were hospitalized.

Videos on social media revealed the moment the container fell from the wench, which created a massive chlorine gas explosion in the immediate area. If too much Chlorine is inhaled at once, the gas can cut off the oxygen supply, resulting in death.

The fatal incident occurred at Jordan’s Aqaba Port – located just east of Israel’s southern-most city, Eilat.