Several Iranian-backed fighters were injured in an Israeli airstrike overnight on Friday; Reports reveal that the attack targeted the T-4 Airbase near Palmyra amid Iranian military interests on site.

Israeli fighter jets targeted Iranian military assets overnight on Friday at the T-4 Airbase near Palmyra, Syria. As is usual, Syrian State media claims that its air defense systems were able to intercept most of the projectiles despite evidence of damage being dealt. Assets in and around the T-4 airbase are a common target for Israeli strikes as Tehran continues to entrench itself north of the Jewish State.

A Syrian media source reported that “The Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from the direction of the military area of Al-Tanf with bursts of missiles towards the T-4 military airport in the central region.”

It was revealed after the attack that at least half a dozen (6) Iranian-backed Syrian fighters were injured in the strikes, which also reportedly took place due to Israeli intelligence concerning the arrival of new Iranian drones. Structural damage also occurred.