Israel’s elite intelligence community responsible for information that led to raids earlier in the week; These raids came after Germany banned the Iranian-backed proxy; Information included the location of explosives, money-laundering, and whereabouts of high-value Hezbollah members.

Late last week, German officials conducted several raids throughout the country that targeted over 1,000 individuals associated with Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terror organization. This came after the interior ministry issued a complete ban of the Shi’ite terror proxy. Prior to, it was only the military wing of Hezbollah that was banned from Germany.

Raids were conducted in several locations including homes and mosques.

What wasn’t public knowledge at the time is that Israel’s elite intelligence community, Mossad, is responsible for providing the intelligence that led to this decision by the German government. Mossad provided intel on Hezbollah money-laundering, activity within Germany itself, and storage facilities that were housing explosives. Also provided by Mossad were the identities of several high-value Hezbollah members within Germany’s borders.

Explaining the context for what has transpired, an Israeli official stated, “The move is the result of many months of work with all parties in Germany. The heads of services were required to present explicit evidence and legal proof… linking the organization to significant terrorist activity, and that is what we did.”

The official would also add that Mossad has a very good relationship with the head of intelligence in Germany.

Iran, of course, has condemned Germany’s decision to not only ban Hezbollah but also label it a Shi’ite terror organization, citing Israel and the United States as the beneficiaries of this decision.