A potential three-way diplomatic solution is being proposed between the United States, Morocco, and Israel that would result in another Arab nation normalizing ties with the Jewish State.

There is now an ongoing discussion between the United States and Israel regarding the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over territories that are currently occupied in Western Sahara. While Israel is encouraging the US to make this recognition, Morocco would in return begin to normalize its diplomatic relations with the Jewish State. Talks between Israel and Morocco began as far back as 2018 between their respective officials at the United Nations. One report even says that Netanyahu secretly met with their foreign minister at the UN.

This is another political boost for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after meeting with the President of Uganda earlier this week followed by a spontaneous meeting with a Sudanese leader – something that is unprecedented by most Israeli’s. Not only is the leader of Uganda now hinting towards opening their embassy to Jerusalem, but the Sudanese leader sees it as the best interest of his nation to work with Israel.

Morocco strongly believes that these territories in Western Sahara are of significant history to their kingdom but they have remained in conflict with the Algerian-backed Polisario Front for decades over rights to the land. One official associated with the Front even stated that they have no choice “except escalation, and using all means for self-determination, including armed action in the case of failure of all political solutions.”