Amid continued airstrikes in Yemen targeting the Iranian-backed rebel fighters, recent reports mid-week indicate that over 140 were killed in a 24-hour period; More military vehicles have been destroyed as well.

As the battle rages on for control over Yemen, Saudi coalition strikes have continued to play a significant role in keeping the Iranian-sponsored Houthi rebel fighters at bay. Strategic Saudi coalition strikes began just weeks ago, resulting in more than 2,000 rebel casualties. The conflict has increased significantly in the last few weeks as the rebels have sought control of the previous government stronghold in northern Yemen.

In the 24-hour period referred to earlier this week, the Saudi coalition reported that “Eighteen military vehicles have been destroyed and 145” fighters had been killed.

The recent strikes took place in Marib, which is located in western Yemen. The city was also the capital of the ancient kingdom of Saba – the kingdom that some historians believe was formally known as Sheba in the Bible.

The internationally-recognized government of Yemen and the Houthi rebels have been at war since 2014, resulting in the largest humanitarian disaster in the world with tens of millions of people in need of humanitarian aid.