A synagogue in Wisconsin recently defaced with a swastika and ‘Jude’; Mayor Mason: This is a clear act of hate, and antisemitism of any kind has no place in our City; Boston synagogue vandalized with similar markings; Crutchfield: While these markings were easily removed with soap and water, we imagine that their presence may remain in your minds, hearts and spirits.

Within the last week, there has been a minimum of two deliberate antisemitic attacks toward the Jewish community in America-and that’s only the number being reported by outside news. There was a synagogue targeted in both Boston, Massachusetts, & Racine, Wisconsin. While antisemitic attacks like this are historically more common throughout Europe, the United States is no longer a stranger to such demonic hatred.

In Wisconsin, the statue(s) outside of the synagogue in Racine were desecrated with swastikas and other marks and phrases. In Boston, the attack was similar. In 2018, 11 were killed in a synagogue in Pittsburgh when a gunman opened fire. It was an all-out assault on Jews.

Racine Mayor Cory Mason stated, “It’s deeply disturbing that this horrendous act was committed the week before Jewish people will celebrate the High Holy Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which are intended to be a time of reflection and celebration…This is a clear act of hate, and antisemitism of any kind has no place in our City.”

In Sharon, approx. 25 miles south of Boston, Rabbi Joseph Meszler encouraged his congregants to continue attending services, saying, “We will share in a prayer for strength when faced with adversity: Am Yisrael Chai – the Jewish people lives…This is not only a chant of defiance but also a statement that we should continue to lead our lives fully, without fear.”

This evil hatred toward the Jewish people is no coincidence, even for America. The LORD God warned the people that their rebellion would result in them one day being driven to the nations around the world. Not only did that happen, but God told them that they’d be hated everywhere they go. He assured them that they’d have no rest anywhere they reside. While we don’t want to cast blame on the majority in America or Europe, the reality remains that this hatred toward God’s chosen people of promise is on the rise. In fact, despite what you hear about Middle East, the Jewish people are finding that the safest place on earth for them to be right now is in the land God gave to them.