Several ships go ablaze at a key Iranian port located in the province where Iran’s only nuclear plant resides; Iranian officials still don’t know what started the fires.

Next in the series of spontaneous events throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran, as of Wednesday, reports are surfacing regarding Iran’s key Port of Bushehr, where at least seven different ships caught on fire. Interestingly enough, located in southwestern Iran, the Bushehr Province is home to the only nuclear power plant in Iran.

At this time, officials still don’t know what started the fires. However, this event certainly follows the pattern of several recent events throughout the country. Several of which began with a fire.

Prior to this incident, multiple unprecedented events have taken place over the last six weeks. However, the most significant was what took place at the Natanz facility where Iran enriches their uranium. The Islamic Republic began enriching its uranium at an alarming rate after the Trump administration formally withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2018.

At this point, with the source(s) of all of these catastrophes on Iranian soil, the regime is likely becoming convinced that what is taking place is a result of continuous cyberattacks or perhaps even sabotage. Without making direct claims, the Iranian regime has its suspicions of Israel and the United States.

Given this sequence of events, it’s estimated that the regime’s nuclear agenda has already been set back well over a year.