No injuries or deaths are reported following an Israeli airstrike in Syria overnight on Monday; The attack was reportedly carried out via Lebanese airspace and resulted in structural damage near Damascus.

Using Lebanese airspace overnight on Monday, Israeli fighter jets carried out an airstrike in the region of Damascus, Syria. Israeli attacks have long targeted Iranian military interests in Syria as the Jewish State seeks to prevent any and all Iranian entrenchment north of its borders. Monday’s episode was no different, as at least one report indicates that Hezbollah-related sites were struck.

Early reports did not reveal any injuries or casualties, though some may have occurred. However, Syrian state media did indicate that structural damage took place, but the extent of the damage remains unknown.

Per usual, Syrian state media also claims that the country’s air defense systems intercepted most of the incoming missiles from the fighter jets – a claim that surfaces following nearly every Israeli airstrike in the region and has been proven to be nothing more than a tactic used to downplay the extent of the damage.