The Airline company suspended flights into Tehran after a Ukrainian civilian airliner was shot down early last year.

Lufthansa is set to resume flights from Frankfurt, Germany, to Tehran, Iran on April 16th. This decision comes a little over a year after Iran shot down a Ukrainian airliner, killing everyone on board. Lufthansa had suspended flights last January.

176 civilians were killed on January 8, 2020, after Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was mistakenly shot down shortly after takeoff from Tehran International Airport. After leaving the ground, what appeared to be surface-to-air missiles could be seen targeting the commercial airliner and eventually striking it.

The event took place during a time when tensions were on a significant rise between Tehran and the United States. Proxies sponsored by the Islamic Republic had been targeting US bases in the area, expecting an imminent US response. Initially, Iran refused to take any responsibility for what happened, but it would eventually admit that the plane was mistaken for a US projectile and was shot down.