Join Pastors Mike Golay and Barry Stagner for a LIVE Q & A.

This week’s questions:

Does “I and the Father are One” mean that Jesus knows the timing of the rapture?

Are there different levels of heaven? What does Paul mean by “holy places” in Ephesians?

Will we know if we were married once we get to heaven?

Why are people saying that the Trump peace plan divides Israel?

How do we reconcile “prophetic dreams and visions” with the completed word of God? Are these dreams validated?

How was Lucifer able to have pride if God created everything ‘perfect’?

What does ‘apostasy’ mean in Thessalonians? “My Bible says rebel.”

Who are the 144,000 during the tribulation?

Scripturally, where is there support for a pre-trib rapture?

If someone trusts Christ but continues to struggle with sin, are they truly born again?