This week’s questions:

Why isn’t the book of Enoch accepted as inspired Scripture?

Who is the bride in Revelation 21:2?

Will Israel need to enter more international agreements like that with the UAE for the Ezekiel 38 scenario to take place?

What will the earth look like during the Millennium?

How will the Jews know where to flee during the Tribulation?

Where was Satan cast after he rebelled against God? Where will he be cast during the Tribulation?

What will earth look like during the Millennium?

Can we expect to see religious Jews practicing the Levitical priesthood once they have their temple?

Who will be the primary audience of the two witnesses in Revelation?

What time period is Daniel 12:1 referring to?

Are there any prophecies that need to be fulfilled before the rapture or the Tribulation?

What is the significance of a literal 1,000 year reign of Christ?