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Do Jews believe they go to heaven when they die, even though they haven’t accepted Messiah? (6:20)


The pope is heading up a CO26 conference with UN members Oct 31-Nov 12 and it’s said that he will sign a 7-year covenant for the environment! Please discuss your thoughts! (13:45)


How close is Iran to acquiring a nuclear weapon? (18:45)


It seems the first seal is opened before the tribulation but after the rapture. Is this the case? (23:40)


How significant to Bible prophecy is the coup in Sudan? (27:40)


When Jesus is speaking to the disciples, how can we decern when he is addressing Jews/Israel or the Church? (33:35)


How does the meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Israeli prime minister Bennett weigh into the War of Gog and Magog? (40:15)


Will the world hear the trumpet sound and the shout when the church is raptured? Or just His children? (43:20)


Does God speak to the church in the Old Testament? (49:45)


I was trying to witness to a Jewish person online and he was furious with me about Christians killing the Jews in the inquisition? (54:20)