Airspace north of Haifa, Israel, has been closed due to the rising political conflict within Lebanon; Israeli Defense Force (IDF) remains on high alert in fear of Hezbollah using this opportunity in Lebanon to strike Israel; Israeli drone fired at by Hezbollah.

On Thursday, Israel made the decision to close their airspace north of Haifa amid the rising political tension in Lebanon that is leading to serious civil unrest. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) remains on high alert for fear of Hezbollah using this unrest as an opportunity to target Israel.

North of Haifa, Israel, there is not much distance before you enter Lebanese airspace. Earlier today, Hezbollah fired a missile at an Israeli drone flying near Lebanese airspace. This is at least the second time they’ve done this in the last two weeks. Last time, it was an unarmed quad drone that was conducting routine security along the border. Hezbollah successfully destroyed that drone.

In their statement, the IDF said, “A short while ago, anti-aircraft fire was detected from Lebanese territory at an IDF unmanned aerial vehicle. The aircraft was not damaged,”. Giving their twist on the story, Hezbollah stated, “At 2:05 p.m. Thursday afternoon, fighters of the Islamic resistance confronted a hostile drone in southern Lebanon’s skies with the appropriate weapons and forced it to leave the area.”