The leaders of the Lebanese government and Hezbollah are facing significant pushback from protestors throughout Beirut; Protestors are now engaging security forces; Gunshots are reported in at least one area.

Following on the heels of the devastating explosion that took place in Beirut leaving over 150 people dead, protests have now erupted throughout the city in very high numbers. Protests are not a foreign concept to Lebanon, where the people have experienced increasing displeasure with the governing authorities for several years due to corruption that has led to various problems, especially a deteriorating economy. Several protests have occurred in the last year.

However, today’s protests have a different tune to them.

As of Saturday evening, the first gunshots had been heard from the vicinity of the foreign ministry building. It’s reported that security forces were using tear gas to disperse the crowds as well. Additionally, protestors made their way into Lebanon’s economy ministry and set the building on fire. And while Lebanese leadership is being criticized in these protests (i.e. President Michel Aoun), the leadership of Hezbollah is being called out in a whole new manner.

Protestors can be seen holding images of Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah with a noose around his neck. There are images that equate him with that of a cockroach as people pretend to spray his face with a can of insect poison. And earlier in the week, hundreds of protestors chanted, “Iran, get out of Lebanon!”, in reference to Iran’s sponsorship of its terror proxy.

The lingering question now is, will the Lebanese people say, “enough is enough.”, and push Hezbollah out of their country?