The two countries have been working on a shared project to create an efficient and effective COVID-19 test kit, and believe it will be ready within a matter of days.

According to Israeli ambassador to India, Ron Malka, a 30-second COVID-19 test that the two countries have been working on together should be complete in just ‘a matter of days.’ Several tests have already been conducted in India, and Malka stated, “I am optimistic as all threshold conditions have already been passed.”

Malka told PTI, the Indian news outlet, “What I hear from those involved in the process, is that it should not take more than two to three weeks to finalize one reliable and accurate technology or a combination of more than one from among the four different technologies being analyzed.”

The test kit is called “open skies,” and is reported to be extremely cost-effective. For example, the fact that it yields immediate results prevents the need to get any of the material to a lab for testing. Therefore, when it comes to travel, the entire world is undoubtedly going to benefit from it.

He continued, “It will be good news for the entire world. Until we manage to immunize the entire population, this joint operation, which we had named ‘open skies’, would literally open the skies in terms of international travel and other economic activities as this can be used at airports and other places by requiring a person just to blow into a tube and the result would be available in 30-40-50 seconds.”

India and Israel are reported to have been working on this test kit since July, sharing several means of technology, and the long-term plan is for India to serve as the primary manufacturer.