A Jewish community in Tennessee, USA, is leading an effort to help bring recovery to the area after fatal tornadoes struck the ‘volunteer’ state; They’ve provided $5000 in immediate funding.

The Jewish Federation & Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee is leading an effort to help bring recovery to the state of Tennessee after fatal tornadoes struck the ‘volunteer’ state last week killing at least 25 people. The organization has already provided $5,000 for immediate financial assistance.

It’s reported that at least 200 households belonging to Jewish families have been impacted by this devastating storm. The executive director of the organization, Eric Stillman, stated, “We definitely will need to raise additional funds to implement Phase 2 of the recovery process and as we learn of additional needs from Jewish community members in the areas impacted by the tornadoes and help people beyond the initial immediate crisis period.”

Adding to their effort, the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is collecting funds to help support the cause. 100% of the donations will go directly to the relief effort in Tennessee.