The Israeli startup has engineered a method to charge the consumer’s account simply by facial recognition; The system is already being used at four locations in the Jewish State, including some who use it daily.

Consumers worldwide are always seeking a more efficient checkout process, both online and in stores. In the case of providing an in-store solution, Israeli startup ‘Preciate’ has developed a facial-recognition software that significantly streamlines the checkout process. The consumer’s facial profile is synced to his/her account on file, essentially allowing them to pay via selfie image.

As noted by Preciate:

“Forget about traditional cards, wallets, and smartphones. Preciate’s Pay by Face solution is the quickest, most convenient way for shoppers to pay for goods and get you paid for selling them. Help your salespeople do more for you and save time. Give your customers a smooth shopping experience that will make them come back for more. Add new and exciting tools for your loyalty club to keep them hooked and engaged. Just ask customers to smile at a camera. That’s it.”

Preciate’s system requires you to create an account. Once enrolled, the system has the ability to track your preferences and keep a record of previous purchases. According to Preciate CEO Eyal Fisher, his product is the perfect fit for businesses that produce a high number of repeat customers.

Fisher told The Jerusalem Post that when the startup initially began, they were seeking to “personalize their customer’s shopping experience.” However, when COVID entered the scene, they switched gears to focus on “payment by facial recognition as our main feature, and to target fast-food restaurants and coffee shops as our primary customers.”

While COVID-19 may have put a hindrance on the company’s expansion, Preciate didn’t skip a beat when it came to finding a way to prove its system a necessity during a pandemic. In Fisher’s interview with The Post, he said, “We are actually going to launch during the lockdown, because our kiosk sits outside of the restaurant, and that’s currently the only way people are allowed to order.”

The facial-recognition kiosk system is currently being used in four locations within the Holon Azrieli Business Center, which is located south of Tel Aviv, and is used by dozens of people every day. And in the first few months of use, several hundred people enrolled in the system.

According to Fisher, there are several other Israeli companies wanting to utilize what Preciate has to offer.